Guide to Sprinkler Winterization Macomb County

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Preventing damage to the sprinkler during the coming cold season starts from keeping the sprinkler system parts in good condition. The sprinkler winterization Macomb county involves drying and draining the entire system of water to prevent it from freezing. This step by step procedure is helpful to those who live in places where sprinkler freezing is highly expected during the cold winter months.

Start the sprinkler winterization Macomb county by unplugging the controller or timer of your system. Then shut off the water at the main valve located between the water meter and the back-flow preventer valve. If a back-flow preventer does not exist, simply shut off the first valve after the water meter. If there is no main valve due to the separation of the water meter and the sprinkler system, then just turn off the water at the meter or contact the local water services department and have them shut it off. Open each electronic valve on all of the zones manually. Do this by turning the solenoid or the cylindrical thing attached to the valve with wires. Turn it about ΒΌ turn. This releases any pressure in the system and allows the water left in the pipe to move freely to the lowest points. Remember that in areas where there is a colder climate the filter drain valves must be located at the lowest points in the system.

The filter drain valves allow water to drain out of the system when there is no water pressure. They simply close when pressure is present and open when pressure is absent. Above-ground sprinkler heads should be removed and stored in a safe place preferably near the water heater in your garage. Detach the back-flow prevention device. It should contain unions that allow you to remove it and store in inside during the cold season. If it remains fixed and irremovable just make sure that it is properly insulated. Wrap it completely with a dry blanket, and cover it with a garbage bag to keep it completely dry. But note that the removal and storage of the back-flow prevention device remains more preferable.

There is no guarantee that the device will not be damaged from the cold as long as it stays outside. This also goes with sprinkler heads, rotors, sprayers or impacts that are above ground. They should be detached and brought inside for safekeeping. Any exposed plumbing or pipe should be wrapped and kept dry. The pump that provides the water for your system must also be removed and stored safely. If again it does not have unions that will allow it to be removed, detach the drain plug, a small fitting on the bottom side of the pump-end, and drain all the water from the pump. Take off the suction-pipe or the pipe that goes into the water if possible. If not, then just make sure that it is kept dry and protected from the cold.

The sprinkler winterization Macomb county is simple and easy. The main objective is just to make sure that there will be no water left in the plumbing and for the rest of the system to remain completely warm and dry.

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