Helpful Tips from Lawn Sprinkler Service in Macomb County

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The lawn sprinkler service Macomb county has put together basic water sprinkler guidelines that will help homeowners maintain and protect their own garden lawn. Knowing these simple rules can assist you to make the right choices in the design, installation and maintenance of your irrigation. Your time and resources will be better spent if you know some tricks and tips of the irrigation business.

Wrap threaded fittings with Teflon tape 5 to 6 times to allow parts to be assembled hand tight and to avoid leakage. It also permits the heads to be rotated for better adjustment. Use poly pipe in areas where the ground freezes, they are sturdier and more durable than PVC pipes. In areas where it gets below freezing you will want to have your system blown out in the fall. Place a tee in the supply pipe where it exits the house, before the pressure vacuum breaker and screw a cap on the extra leg. This will provide an easy place to attach the air line.

Avoid blowing out the system at more than 40 PSI or for more than two minutes if the system has rotors that turn. The gear drives are lubricated by the water and if it becomes dry will be damaged. A lawn sprinkler service Macomb county will advise you that multi stream rotors are the most prone to dirty water. City water is usually okay to use. If you have dirty water, the 570 series is apt to use. Checking your water involves filling a white five gallon bucket and looking for sand and debris. In case you see that the water is clearly contaminated, then forego using the multi stream head. Get a bigger pipe. The smaller the pipe, the faster the water flows. The faster the water flow, the more friction in creates against the pipe. More friction means you lose more pressure. Bigger pipes make water flow slower hence creating less friction thereby less pressure is lost. A funny pipe is usually run for 2 to 3 feet between the head and the pipe. The closer you are to the valve, the farther one can go. The first head on the zone may be able to utilize 5 to 6 feet of funny pipe with no problem.

Avoid using a hack saw, switch to PVC tubing cutters instead. They are like rose brush pruners with a ratcheting handle. They give precise clean cuts and work well even on funny pipes. Get and use more heads that you think you need. They are cheap and easy to remove if you decide that you have enough. Use a big valve box when using ground valves. This makes installation easier especially whenever you have to service a valve. Make sure to place heads in such a way that the lawn is watered by at least two heads. It gives your lawn a better head-to-head coverage.

As always it pays to know a reputable lawn sprinkler service Macomb county nearest you if you are unsure of what to do. Keep aware with the latest water supply changes that are planned in your community. Calling local government agencies in charge with the water supply system to know about the plans and development in your area will help you to adjust your home irrigation system accordingly.

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